Audio Adventure Game

I love audio drama. It's a medium for exotic stories on a low budget, a blend of great features from film and writing. Listening in the dark is a serious immersion boost. Watching films in the dark is nice too, but I find that the complete lack of visual distraction attunes me to SFX and music to a greater degree. I have yet to find a satisfying, interactive correlate, which leads me to this experiment.

How can you make a 'video' game that can be played in the dark with your eyes closed? How do you handle navigating and interacting with a game world, and how do you make it intuitive? I've had a go at answering these questions. I wanted to explore audio game mechanics that could translate to a wide variety of games to be played eyes-closed. If you have an Android device, give it a go! The intended experience is to play this with headphones in the dark. Don't worry it's not scary or anything! It involves a bit of puzzle solving, and a jacuzzi on a spaceship.

Download for Android (.apk)